Dutch Stroopwafels: A Syrupy Snack to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Dutch stroopwafels are a treasured delight that have been a staple in the Netherlands for over 200 years. These syrup-filled delights have since spread across the world, satisfying sweet tooth cravings everywhere they go. With a crisp, crunchy exterior and a gooey, sweet filling, it’s no wonder that stroopwafels have become such a beloved treat. And with their widespread availability in a range of flavors and varieties, there’s a stroopwafel for everyone.

What are Stroopwafels?

Dutch stroopwafels are a type of cookie that consists of two thin, crispy waffle rounds sandwiching a sweet syrup filling. The waffle rounds are made from a light, airy dough that is baked to perfection, resulting in a satisfying crunch with every bite. The filling is usually made from a mixture of brown sugar, butter, and spices, giving the stroopwafel its unique flavor and texture.

Once the waffle rounds have cooled, they are sliced in half and the syrup filling is spread over one half before being sandwiched back together. The result is a gooey, sweet, and indulgent snack that is perfect for satisfying those mid-afternoon cravings or as an after-dinner treat. Whether you’re a fan of traditional flavors like cinnamon and vanilla, or you prefer something a bit more unique like salted caramel or chocolate, there’s a stroopwafel flavor out there for everyone.

The History of Stroopwafels

Stroopwafels have been a beloved treat in the Netherlands for over 200 years. The origins of this syrupy snack can be traced back to the town of Gouda, where local bakers first started making them in the late 1700s. At the time, stroopwafels were considered a luxury item and were only made for special occasions.

However, as the popularity of stroopwafels grew, they became a more widely available treat. By the mid-1800s, stroopwafels were being sold at local markets and soon became a staple snack in Dutch households. Over the years, they have continued to evolve, with new flavors and varieties being introduced to cater to changing tastes.

Today, stroopwafels are enjoyed not only in the Netherlands but around the world. From the traditional Dutch cinnamon and vanilla flavors to more unique and creative variations like salted caramel and chocolate, stroopwafels have become a truly global treat. Whether you’re a fan of the classic Dutch treat or you’re trying it for the first time, there’s no denying that stroopwafels are a truly delicious and indulgent snack.

What are Dutch Stroopwafels Made Of?

Dutch Stroopwafels are a traditional treat that originated in the Netherlands. They are a type of waffle that is made up of two thin, crispy wafer layers that are joined together by a gooey syrup filling. The syrup filling is what sets Stroopwafels apart from other types of waffles and gives them their unique flavor and texture.

The wafer layers of a Stroopwafel are typically made from a mixture of wheat flour, sugar, butter, yeast, and milk. These ingredients are combined and then baked in a waffle iron, producing the thin and crispy wafer layers. The syrup filling is made from a mixture of sugar, cinnamon, and syrup, which is then heated until it becomes a sticky and gooey consistency.

It’s important to note that not all Stroopwafels are created equal, and the quality of the ingredients and the method used to make them can greatly impact the taste and texture of the finished product. For example, some brands may use lower quality ingredients or skimp on the syrup filling, resulting in a Stroopwafel that is dry and lacking in flavor.

In order to ensure that you are getting a high-quality Dutch Stroopwafel, it’s important to look for brands that use only the finest ingredients and traditional methods of preparation. Additionally, it’s a good idea to try Stroopwafels from different brands to find the one that best suits your taste preferences.

Stroopwafels in Modern Culture

Dutch Stroopwafels have become increasingly popular in recent years and have found a place in modern culture as a tasty snack and a unique dessert option. While they were once only known in the Netherlands, they have now become a popular treat in many countries around the world.

One of the reasons for their growing popularity is the versatility of Stroopwafels. They can be enjoyed on their own as a sweet treat, or they can be used as an ingredient in a variety of recipes, such as in coffee or hot chocolate, or as a topping for ice cream. Additionally, many coffee shops and cafes now offer Stroopwafels as a dessert option, giving customers the chance to enjoy a unique and tasty treat.

Another reason for their popularity is the cultural significance of Stroopwafels. They are a traditional snack in the Netherlands and are often associated with Dutch culture and history. Many people enjoy trying Stroopwafels as a way to experience a taste of Dutch culture, and to learn more about the history and traditions of the Netherlands.

Finally, Stroopwafels are simply delicious! The combination of the thin and crispy wafer layers with the sweet and gooey syrup filling is a winning combination that is hard to resist. And, because they are relatively small and portable, they make a great snack or dessert option when you’re on the go.

Where to Find Stroopwafels

Dutch Stroopwafels can be found in a variety of locations, from specialty food stores to online retailers. These delicious syrupy snacks are enjoyed by people all over the world, and as a result, are widely available in many countries.

In the Netherlands, Stroopwafels are a staple snack and can be found in most grocery stores and bakeries. If you’re visiting the country, be sure to stop by a local market or food festival to sample the many different varieties of Stroopwafels on offer.

For those who aren’t able to travel to the Netherlands, there are many online retailers who specialize in Dutch food and snacks, including Stroopwafels. These retailers offer a wide selection of Stroopwafels, ranging from traditional varieties to flavored and gourmet options.

In addition to specialty food stores and online retailers, Stroopwafels are also available in many coffee shops and cafes, particularly in the Netherlands and other European countries. They are often served as a snack with a cup of coffee or tea, making them the perfect treat for a sweet tooth.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Dutch Stroopwafels or flavored and gourmet varieties, there are plenty of options available to suit every taste. So why not treat yourself to a syrupy snack today and discover the delicious world of Dutch Stroopwafels.


Dutch Stroopwafels are a sweet, syrupy snack that has been enjoyed for generations. With their crispy waffle base and rich, gooey syrup filling, these treats are sure to satisfy even the most insatiable sweet tooth. Whether you’re a fan of traditional varieties or prefer flavored and gourmet options, there is a Stroopwafel out there for everyone.

Whether you’re in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world, Stroopwafels are easy to find and available from a variety of sources, including specialty food stores, online retailers, and coffee shops and cafes. For those who are particularly adventurous, why not try making your own baked Stroopwafels at home using one of the many recipes available online?

In conclusion, Dutch Stroopwafels are a delicious and versatile snack that are enjoyed by people all over the world. So why not give them a try and discover the sweet, syrupy goodness for yourself.

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